"Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom

In 2017 on our group flight to Oshkosh we used a frequency pilots refer to as “fingers”, it is simply 12345 (frequency 123.45). This allowed us to coordinate our flight of 3 throughout the trip and a few times we ran across other pilots on the same frequency. Since then I’ve always wondered how we could adopt this to Infinite Flight. There have been a few idea on the forum about chats, but unfortunately that is not possible in App. Also, despite my searches, I haven’t see a fully flushed out idea about Pilot Unicom and how it would work. So hear is the idea. Hopefully the community likes it and together we can accomplish anything.

In real life only aircraft within a certain distance of each other can communicate on the same frequency, so in the context of Infinite Flight for example we’ll say this is set to 15 nautical miles. The Idea is to allow 2 or more aircraft within the specified distance of each other to communicate simple intentions or vital information (no have a conversation). The “Pilot Unicom Frequency 123.45” would be selected from your normal frequency list.

Below is a visual representation of how the Pilot Unicom would work:

  • Aircraft #1 (MMF508) is on the Pilot Unicom frequency, but out of range of other aircraft on the frequency
  • Aircraft #2 (AA888) and #3 (Delta 1249) are both on Pilot Unicom and within range to receive any announcements on the frequency.
  • Aircraft #4 (FedEx 17) has decided to remain on “No Frequency” and is blissfully uninterrupted by anyones Pilot Unicom announcements.


This could also be useful for large VA flights. While the aircraft at the front of a 100nm long line of aircraft would not be able to communicate with the last aircraft miles in the back, Pilot Unicom announcement could be pass down the chain as the flight progresses.

Pilot Unicom Messages:
Again this would be just to communicate basic intentions and vital information.

Status: “AA888 is at 10,000ft heading 270 at 250kts”
Request Aircraft Advisory “AA888 requesting advisory from aircraft on frequency”
“Maneuvering” > North, East, South or West
“Climbing or Decending to” > specified Altitude (similar to request altitude change)
Speed Change > “increasing/slowing to XXXkts” (maybe set in increments of 50kts)
Misc Message: Thank you, Thank you Good Day, I’m Sorry and Your Welcome
Flight Plan: “AA888 flight plan filed” and “resuming flight plan navigation”
Frequency Change > "AA888 switching to frequency… " Channels listed on you available frequency at the time (ATIS, Approach, Tower, Airport Unicom), and option to switch automatically.

I sure you see how some basic Pilot Unicom communications could open up a world of possibilities.

That is the basic idea in a nut shell. I’m sure there is still much to discuss. Things like, is Pilot Unicom only active in the air, would you have an indication that someone is on Pilot Unicom and should certain aircraft have additional Pilot Unicom announcements. For Example could Tankers announce that they are “accepting or declining refueling requests at the time”?

What make IF great is flying together and hopefully this would make the experience even better. Looking forward to the discussion.

As most of my flight time is GA I would LOVE this feature. I’ll vote for it.


Make sure you vote for your own topic


I’d also say that we should be allowed to say “Hello” and “Bye”. :)


I think we should be able to have a speaker. Say what we want to say. Wait to see if it is appropriate. And have It spoken


True. LOL. That should have been the first thing I did. Too excited about getting the feature posted.

Interesting twist on the idea. I like it. I hope this gets some atention because I’d love to see this become a thing in the game!


Great defined feature. I like the idea in general, but as it is thought in detail like in your request it sounds like a realistic implementation of the often requested inter plane communication.
Got one of my rare votes.



Nice feature! Got my vote! 😁

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Great concept!
Awesome for flash events and GA group flights!

I’ll free up a vote!


i think it is a posible feature but for my bad luck i don´t have enough votes

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Are you talking about a system that translates speech into Unicom?

I think the challenge would be all the different languages and accents we find in the IF community.


I was a little confused at first about this concept, and eventually had to read it a couple times, but I totally get it now! This would be really helpful with group flights and VA flights like you said and I think it would keep it a lot more organized!
Great request!

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Got my vote

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Thanks so much. Yeah, it seems like something everyone has been wanting. Just trying to figure out how it could work practically for IF

Thanks for the support. I think your point about being able to organize large flights of aircrafts hit the nail on the head (flash flights, GA and VA). I thinks it amazing what the community does with the tools that we have on IF and it would be interesting to see how they could use this feature.

What about any additional message? Simple intentions that you would want to communicate to another aircraft on Pilot Unicom. I’m open to suggestions.

Great idea! Perhaps this would be something to fold into when CTR returns. That way only in range A/C would have the ATC messages.

I would recommend:

  • JBU123 is at FL350 beginning descent in X miles/minutes

  • JBU345 is overhead WAYPOINT AT FL180/slowing/increasing to XXXkts/.XX Mach

  • JBU678 is resuming flight planned navigation (or “beginning/flying flight planned route*

I’ll check votes


@FBWFTW Those are such great Ideas!!

I’ll edit my post to include a simplified version of the speed and resuming flight plan navigation. Hopefully if we get the feature IF developers can hash out the details.


Definietly voting for it