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Do you guys know what the best website/app I can use to look at weather when I fly? And I wanna make sure that the winds are showing at cruise level, not on the ground.


1 Like is a great website for wind also fog, thunderstorms, lightning, rain you name it.


Yeah but is that wind at cruise altitude like FL300 and above or is that at ground level?

Yeah it’s both. I think there is a slider on one side of it

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You can check winds at varioud levels. All the way from ground to FL450 maybe highet I don’t remember

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This is my favourite atm

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I’m sorry I don’t have a link for cruising altitudes, but worst weather currently website does provide great information on where to do some TnGs and get the most xp for them!

Windy! Its a free app for IOS i dont know about android

Windy is also the app that powers the weather in infinte Flight, so if you get the right flight level you should have the same weather.

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Could you please provide us with app’s photo to facilitate the search on App Store?

Do you mean we can connect the app to IF to have the current weather conditions at different flight levels?

No. The app uses Windy to provide the wx data.

If you go to the Windy app, you can select the flight level you are flying at and you can see the windy at that height.

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Well, Windy and IF have access to the same METARs and weather info. One doesn’t take from the other, but same idea I guess.


Many thanks buddy 🙏🌹

How do I see the altitude of the wind? or like how I change it?

Hi there

If you are using the website then simply hold and click on the lever on the bottom right:

If you are using the app then you have to click on the home button and then also drag the the lever to configure the height as shown below:

Oh ok. Thank you

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