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Hello everyone
I have one question, is it possible to find users wich has not the IFC account connected?
2 days ago, I was flying from ZBAD to RKSI and someone without an IFC account connected, has made my fligth experience horrible, with horrible, I saying, I literally had to run away from him, for a while, it was a chase…
The user took off right after me, increased his speed to get closer to me, almost “crashed” with me on climbing, then it place in front of me and slowed down so suddenly, I saw the airplane getting way closer in the cockpit, almost “crashing” (again) but I reacted on time and climbed before it happens.
In the attempt to escape from him, I made a left 360, diverting from the flight plan and it did it as well.
Then I remembered that nobody can see me if the Internet connection drops and turned off the WiFi on the device for 5 minutes and turned on again and as expected, it wasn’t there anymore, neither surroundings, he disappeared.
I don’t think we was reported but if it ended it’s flight after I disappearing from the map, I feel free to say it do that often.
It was in the Expert Server


I believe that if you contact the staff team, or one of the mods, they can check on the identifier

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Hi, @flybarroso. Very sorry that you had this experience. Pilot’s identifiers are for the moderator’s use – there is no way for us to find users based solely on that. If people unlink their IFC accounts, it’s for a reason. Being able to find them regardless of that would defeat the whole point.

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Guess I know who am I going to contact!!!

Thank you! I’ll do that!!!

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