Finding the runway

Another newbie question. When at the gate and you start pushback and taxing how would you find your way to the proper runaway as sometimes i lose my way and cant get to the intended runway.

Follow the taxi way lines marked in yellow, they will lead you to the runway. You could also use LiveFlight where you can view maps of airports displaying taxiways etc.

Another alternative is to use Virtual Hub, which is an app on the App Store.


You should follow the yellow lines and zoom in on the map to see the airport


Search up an airport chart.


Also soon in on your maps to make sure you are heading to the right gate. Also make sure you have “names and distance of sirport” enabled in settings

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If you are at an unfamiliar airport you could first check on the map which runway is in use, which will likely be the one with the runway number in Green or Yellow

You can then use the ‘Free’ Camera prior to requesting pushback to get an overview of the airport and identify which taxiway route to take

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First, ask the controller for taxi instructions on which runway to proceed to. Then, go to your map and locate the runway you have to taxi to and the position relative to your plane. After that, exit the map view and point the camera towards the runway.

Start taxing and follow the lines on the ground to bring yourself to the correct runway. A simple way to do this is just to head directly to the runway you’re taking off from, then turning to the direction of the place you want to be (e.g. you taxi to the middle of a runway, then turn left/right to where you need to be).

Once you have more time, you can search up charts of the airport and plan out the route which you want to take in order to reach the runway.


There are some 3rd party apps that you can find for Infinite Flight that can help you orient yourself and when Global is released mapping appears to have been upgraded.


VirtualHub is a free 3rd party app that helps you with Gates and stuff. I usually get Airport Digrams, SID and STARS from

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Hello! Personally, if I don’t know my way to the runway, I use the mini-map, zoom in and I remove the fix’s. It will show the runway’s and it will be easier to navigate your way to the runway.


If needed use the free cam and plan your route, if it’s a long way then slow down a bit if the taxi way is straight andlook again.


First locate the general direction of the runway using the helpful map, the runway in use is runway 06. Sometimes on mountain airports you need to taxi to the red runway due to taking off from the other end being stupid, you will learn this over time.

Then taxi, to the runway by following the markers at a safe speed, as the map said, runway 06 is to the left so you turn the rudder left and taxi.

Hold short and wait for takeoff clearance or if you determine it is safe on Unicom

Takeoff and enjoy your flight! If you need help with approaching, just ask

Making sure to taxi on the taxiway.


Wow, make sure your vertical speed mirrors realism. What happened here Andrew? VS must have been astronomical.

Edit: Picture removed as the correspondent removed the A380 picture taking off at an exorbitant ascent rate.

I wouldn’t recommend sharing photos like this as teaching material.


Please refrain from advising others when you can’t even do it correctly yourself. Taxiing on the grass at 69 knots and making a vertical take off in the A380 is not how you set an example.


Thank u all for your input. I found using the on screen map the easiest way
ti find my way

I think he is making fun of SoCal TS1 pilots, however I think that when somebody is asking questions about how to taxi, it isn’t funny.


This isn’t funny at all in fact it is irresponsible when the OP clearly wanted some help. I’m perturbed by this!


I realise I should stop making jokes anymore, clearly disclaimers are not enough. it’s acutally becoming depressing how little humour is allowed on the forum, before people then ask for things to go back on topic (sometimes yes people go way off topic, but making a joke then forced back on topic is beginning to become sad)


Disclaimers don’t help the community when they are over used and abused. Set the example and stay focused with content that is meaningful and definitive. Perception is everything ;)

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