Finding someone

Can someone help me to find a certain two people

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What was their name?

IPP IFGAC Brad and Stefan are their display names

Can you send a screenshot of there names please because I’m struggling to find them

WE are all doing the same flight and i would like to be able to communicate with them

Hello! I believe that you are looking for @Bradders777X, unfortunately I do not know the other person.

thank you for the help

Hello, I saw you earlier !

Maybe it’s, @Stef_Smet

i asked thanks for the help

There is a easy way to track people if they are associated with VO or VA they will have the VA or VO name Along with their name example IPP(Name), GAF(name) (check for callsign as well) search for the latest va activities by typing the VA or VO name in the search, There you go you can find the members of that va (in a particular va event thread ) msg any member of that va asking them to contact the person you need, they will get back to you, I am a part of IPP as well.

Oh ok thank you

I know it is none of my concern but do you even have enough fuel? 🤣

yes well over enough that was on ascent with winds

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Hey @lanuccelli
I am Stefan currently flying in the KLM787 with the callsign AFKLM118.
I am flying to Amsterdam so will probably veer off from ur flight path soon

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