Finding RL Routes & Co. for IF During Shutdown of Aviation

Hello everyone,

since I am a person who wants the flight in Infinite Flight to be as realistic as possible, I had struggles to find routes which are usually flown in real life and the airlines which operate them as well as callsign, aircraft type and more.
Usually you can simply go to and you get all the information you need. However, since most airlines cancel most of their flights due to the COVID-19 crisis, you will get the response from FlightAware that no flight operating the route was found even though usually the route is operated.

I know Eurowings flies nonstop from EDDL (Düsseldorf) to LEAL (Alicante) but this is what FlightAware says:

Then I go to Flightradar24 in order to get my information there but it also says that no flight on the route EDDL-LEAL was found:

But here comes the trick. At the top you can see the callsign which is used for this route. This also gives you the airline which usually operates the route. For more information, search for this callsign on and you‘ll get a result for the last flight on this route:

Now you know that this is a RL-route and you have information on the aircraft type, flight time, gate and more. I tried this with multiple routes and it always worked.

I hope this is helpful for some of you guys. Stay safe all!


This is actually really helpful!
Recently I have also struggled to find flights. I also use flightaware because I always do real life flights.
I’ll use this to help me.


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Here’s a ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING website I use!

It shows all the routes that operate from an airport. It tells you the Airlines and days. You then visit the actual airline website, enter the flight details, where you can find a flight number, type that into google, it should link it to FR24, and if you have subscribed to them then you should be able to view all flights, seasonal or not. It helps me choose the ultra long haul with specific timings I need, or from a remote airport that is never used.


True, this is really helpful, but it doesn‘t seem like it shows every single destination of an airport. Alicante from Düsseldorf is missing for example.

Or if you have a FR24 silver subscription you should still be able to find most flights (and it’s not that expensive at all in my opinion with less than 12€ for a year).

Well made post nonetheless if you don’t want to use paid services!


It does? That would be helpful, indeed. However, I think not too many people have the subscription.

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I’m cheating the system by getting 2 weeks free since my debit card is cowering in the corner petrified of the next subscription that I pay for.

Free trials. I’ll need to pay soon thought, it’s definitely a great resource I use.

thank you so much for sharing this! will definitely be using this quite often for the next while

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That‘s nice.

Thanks for this! I’ve been struggling with planning lately because it was taking so much time to find actual routes.


All the way back to January 12 for EW‘s DUS-ALC:

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This is a good trick but Flight Aware doesn’t’ always give you the gates and it doesn’t give you the taxi route.

Yes, same here. I could mostly only do flights I could find live on FR24 in order to keep it realistic.

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That‘s true. Unfortunately gate information isn‘t always given. But if you have a look at a flight that happened in the past, it‘s very likely that it‘s available (from my experience).

Thanks for this!
I remember making a topic recently, but I really couldn’t find my answer.
I now know how to get my flights! Thank you sooooo much!

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How are you able to find the callsign? I still can’t find a callsign for my flight. I’m trying to find the callsign for EWR-OPO. I know the callsign, but I can’t find a flight for it.

This is the trick I have been using as well! Works well to get those realistic flight numbers.
I also use this website to find routes as normal, but it also provides flight numbers for flights planned before COVID-19:
@Lufthansa2 this might help you
And @Ecoops123 this website might have the flight number feature included, without the hassle of visiting the airline website 😉

Don’t pay a cent people!! Haha


Awesome! I’m able to find the callsign thank you very much! It’s just getting very complicated with the coronavirus. But thank you so much for the clarification!


Thank you very much. Another alternative! Glad we can still keep it realistic.

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Maybe it‘s on the application only. But with the website mentioned above it seems like it‘s not even needed anymore.