Finding Past Flight Info

I wasn’t sure wether this belongs in RWA or General, but I put it here to start.

So, here’s my issue. I want to find some info on a flight I took in 2018. This includes cruise profile, cruise speed, and flight plan. The reason I’m after this is because it was my first international flight, and I want to re-enact it in IF. I know the basic info, like the aircraft and route, as well as departure time.

Are there any places I can look these things up?

Thank you for all your help, and safe landings!

I believe FlightRadar24 has that although it involves a rather pricey subscription. Flightaware also has an option to buy the entire flight history of a specific flight, which is even pricier. From what I’ve gathered, there’s not much option for free where you can only really look at flights from the past 2 weeks for example.

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Flightradar offers up to 3 years of flight data but you would need a business subscription which costs 50 $ a month

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Here’s another good source, goes all the way back to 1995. Not sure if it would have flight plans and climb profiles though.


Hey, I have a couple! - although already mentioned by Joseph, it works! As he said, it goes back to 1995. - this one seems to be slightly more accurate, but it only goes back to 2017.

I hope you find what you are looking for!

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Thanks everyone!

What is your flight info (airline, flight number ,etc)


Aircraft: 777-200ER
Airline: Air France
Dep. Time: 11:30 PM PT

I don’t remember the flight number.

Do you remember the date

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June 5, 2018 was departure, and June 6, 2018 was arrival.


Unfortunately, that is all I can provide for you because the other info are probably lost in history

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Thank you so much @BigBert10! I really appreciate it.

FR24 isn’t pricey I have a gold sub and we pay under 85 dollars for it

For you, no. For many others, yes.

I still struggle to pay for the monthly sub every now and then. Not very many people have a spare $80-90 lying around.

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True especially now with people not working!
Back on topic now

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