Finding other players outside of live

You know sometimes you run into this random dude and you just end up flying together? Happened to me a lotta times where we end up flying fighter formations but once you quit you’ll probably won’t run into him again for a while. Is there a way for us to communicate to that pilot via this community or via IF itself? Thanks. (Not sure if there is already a thread for this I coudnt find one) :)


I have always thought about this and I also wish there would be a way to “contact” the person. I wish that you could atleast click on the airplane and then go to that users bio and find the users name, age, country of origin etc and also that you could add your Snapchat nickname etc. :D


A: no such feature currently exists in IF…

B: might I recommend dropping a vote here?

C: Philippe mentioned this a bit ago, and how it would be hard with the mix of adult and child players, and rules and regulations about the moderation, here’s that

“This is an area we want to improve but as @AviationJunkie mentioned, there would be moderation costs. This is something we can’t ignore since we have a lot of kids playing Infinite Flight and there are strict laws in many countries. If you want to know more about this read this article about a multiplayer game (LEGO Universe) that had to shut because moderation cost were too huge. Granted that we don’t have a trademark this big to protect, we also have a fraction of their budget :smile:

Giving a simple In Game text chat options for advanced player that maintain good standing is an option, but we still need to have an easy way for ppl to report abuse and moderate.
Voice chat would be nice but it very tricky: bandwidth, lag, quality and simply the vast diversity of voice tone and accent that can make communications harder would be a problem. TTS in mobile devices is starting to get really good, I feel we just need to improve our system a bit, have different voices for each pilot on a same frequency, and improve the UX for sending message and we could get something that is far better than what we have today.

I should probably write a FAQ about this since the question seems to be asked often.” (Philippe)
(Can’t find the original source so I had to copy and paste from this post by @Nathan Plane to plane communication)

Hope This Helps!


Hey thanks for the reply, I’m a big fan of the plane to plane communication in game but that is not exactly what I’m trying to bring about here. I just wanna be able to talk to a player outside of the game, maybe through email/slack or even discourse. I just think it would be a great way to integrate the IF community further and meet new people along your flight :)

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Ah, I see, I seem to have misread what you were saying. My response to that would be that there are many VA slacks, but I don’t think that is what you want, if they are part of the IFC you can PM them here, but byond that sorry I suppose, I don’t know of any way unless they happen to be a friend…

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Exactly, if only there were a way to add them as friends so you can talk to em

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I just try to have my display name match my
IFC name here. So my in game display name is IFAEGAF Capt Greg78. I figure someone could find me here if they search for the Greg78 part.


Unfortunately not everybody is active on the community forums but that is a great idea.

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