Finding name of controller on replay

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to find who was ATC based on a replay that I wanted to review with them. I tried to find the name of the controller on the replay but it wasn’t shown…

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If this was in the Expert server today, shoot me a PM and I can find them for ya! 👋

Ok will do

For future reference, you can find out who your IFATC controller was in the ‘states’ section below the map.

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Ok that helps a lot thanks a lot…

It looks like @Gauntlet1 was the ground controller & @Zachary_Naponic was the tower controller. Hopefully I could help!

Yes you can go ahead and review the replay, a 737 spawned in when I was parked and asked for pushback and when the 737 was about to end pushback I notified ground that I was ready for pushback in which he told me I was approved for pushback.

Contact directly the controllers for further discussions. Thanks.