Finding my own Callsign in real life in the same state I live in


I was recently looking on FR24 and found my own callsign-VH-HAM-Over the coast of Australia.
Here are the specs.

Aircraft- Cessna 208 Caravan

Airline- Skydive the beach

A picture.
Credit to Micheal Demudra for the photo.

Thanks for looking!

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Good topic, but I believe this belongs in here.


Ok, But it would make unnecessary clutter on the thread!

Not necessarily. The thread is for all things FR24 related.

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I think it would do the opposite, as this discovery is interesting.

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… But the topic is literally made for stuff like this


Would you like me to move it

You can post the same thing there, but this topic will be closed soon, so do what you please.

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