Finding IFR Airports

Is there an easy way to find which airports in IF are in IFR/LIFR conditions? Also, when the METAR says “10sm” it commonly says 32.26 km visibility on UI. Is there a fix to this?

Thanks is a site dedicated to finding the worst airport weather conditions at a given time. Try it! It has visibility, winds (and gusts), High and low temps and more. 👍🏻

Thanks for the info!

No there is not. You’d have to pull up some sort of weather imagery data source such as an app or some online weather source to have a chance at finding lower visibility fields.

There is not unfortunately. I too have found myself wishing the same thing. Wonder if I could sweet talk to the development team to see if this is something that we can have. No guarantees.

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You can close this now, thanks