Finding flights

Hello I wanted to do a flight and I don’t know any options and yes I have looked at this topic

And the flight I’m looking for is like not short regional such as la-sfo or Las Vegas to somewhere, I’m looking for one

•Medium Plane
•Only That route
•Only that livery(not like Ex) la-sfo Southwest regular livery,then “same route” southwest California one)

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Roughly what flight time 3-6 hours ?

Like 2-3 hours

Shameless plug…



I would suggest Anchorage to Seattle. It is a fun route.

Thanks I will check with that out

Maybe and that is something new to me

@Chris_S . You are an actual god!! Ill be definitely using that!

Thanks x

It takes about 3 1/2 hours

There are lots of short routes from San Jose and San Francisco if you want to fly there ;)

For example, San Jose to Dallas is around 3 hours, San Jose to Denver is around 2 hours, San Jose to Chicago is 4 hours, etc.

Airlines such as Southwest, American, and Alaska fly these routes and continue on to more destinations. If you want to copy a flight exactly, try Southwest flights which fly many routes with the same flight number (ex. San Jose to Phoenix to Midway to San Jose [and then again!])

Thanks good point

Thanks I will maybe do it

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