Finding Controller Via Replay

Hello I have two questions,

  1. on the replay is there a way to twll who the controllers are if you were not ghosted?

  2. about half an hour ago can you tell me who the ground controller was/is?


I was not ghosted

What airport were you at about a half hour ago?


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The best you can do is to check through your logbook and find the ATC user, and then negotiate with them through pm. :)

please read four posts above. thanks :)

Disregard the “negotiate with them through pm” part, my apologies. But you can still go through your logbook and find the ATC. I hope this was helpful.

I think perhaps @DiamondGaming4


no you cannot. if you were not ghosted then no controller information will show

Oh, I’m so sorry for misunderstanding and thinking it worked the same way. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyway to check the ATC user through replay, but perhaps contacting a moderator privately may work. Have a good night.

I was the Ground controller. What do you need?

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