Finding Cargo VAs

Can some people give me links to cargo VAs not FedEx VA.Thanks!😎

Hi, Alina! I’d suggest taking a look around the IFVARB Database. It’s got everything you need to find a VA that works for you. Keep in mind that many VAs have cargo operations, modeled after their real-world counterpart.

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I looked at it but I did not find Any cargo VAs

There are multiple Cargo VAs and many VAs that fly cargo routes and aircraft. I’m not going to list them all, as I believe it’s best if you do the looking and I don’t want to advertise certain VAs and not others.

What’s wrong with FedEx? Also there’s UPSVA and as mentioned above a lot of VA’s have cargo departments. Lufthansa being one.

FedEx use dis

There are two good sized Cargo VA’s in the top 10 on the list, so not sure if you missed them or not

I probably missed them take a screenshot and show me

Yes they do use Discord. A lot of major VA’s are switching to Discord by the way.

I’m going to die if they use dis

Ups uses slack

Ok I will look in to that

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This what showed up I have already applied I haven’t gotten a response

@Skydriver900 @KTJ_Mitchell I applied on December 1


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You already responded to the form and UPSV will get to your application soon. Don’t worry

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Shoot the CEO IFAE DaYooper a dm.

I did he hasn’t responded yet @Skydriver900

Give them some time. They’re probably busy and will get to you soon