Finding ATC Schedule

Why can’t I find the schedule for this week? I saw it but now even when I search for ATC schedule it doesn’t even come up

It should be pinned at the top of the forums globally. If not there, go to the #atc category and it should be pinned there.

Here. You may have unpinned it for yourself.


Here it is:

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Thank you, this can be closed now. I don’t know how to do it but thank you I appreciate it

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You can flag the post at the top and say you got your answe

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Instead of pressing “new” press “latest”. Scroll down a bit.

How to pin it back up? Should be at the bottom of your page saying whether or not it is pinned for you.

What do u mean, to do what?

To find the ATC schedule lol

Okay yeah that was a dumb moment. Thank you

No problem, all good

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