Finding Airport Information and notams

In real life many airports have certain policies and restrictions for noise abatement, short runways, etc… is there anywhere I can find these Notams for each airport I fly into in IF. For example if I looked up LCY it would give information about the steep takeoffs and landings? Thanks!

Well I use ForeFlight, but it’s only worth it if you use it for real flying aswell.

If you search up the airport chart, it should show you the approach and departure procedures.

I personally find SkyVector the best among others.

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For me, I do foreflght when I’m flying International and it’s something foreflight supports but for US flying I do skyvector


A great resource is the internet.

What I do when flying is type up “[ICAO] notams” and get an FAA link.

When I typed in “KDEN notams” here’s what I got:

Here’s ZSPD to prove that it works internationally:

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