Finding airport gates

Is there anyway at all to know which gate is which after landing at an airport?

No. You can’t see gate numbers after landing.

Your best bet would be to find a terminal map online and compare it to IF.


I look at either FR24 or I just search “(airline) terminal at (airport)” on Google

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Southwest shows the gates for both departure and arrival as found on Flight Aware. You need to wait until the real flight has landed before you can see this sort of info.

You can however view the departure gate while the flight is enroute. You won’t need to wait until they land.

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I just generally use FR24 for all my flights, I replay thr flights since most of the world has good coverage, and shows their ground movements. If I can’t find this, I’ll then move to flightaware, then the airport’s website to find which terminal serves the airline, then comparing them to satellite imagery so I can get a right sized gate with the aircraft and airline most suitable.

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I personally use FR24, other than that no, there is no other way.

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