Finding Active ATC From Outside The App

Hello fellow IFC,
just want to know if there’s a way we can see in real time, which airports in IF with ATC currently active without going into the app? at first I thought going to liveflight was able to do that, but the I found out that not every orange-marked airport actually filled with active ATC.

thank you for your advise.
apologize if this isn’t supposed to be in this category.

what is with ?

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It is most of the time just fine. but sometimes I experience these :

  1. the orange marked airport doesn’t actually have ATC when I click on it’s ATC tab. (it says “no current active ATC” or something like that)
  2. the orange marked airport does have ATC, but when I jumped into IF, that same airport didn’t have ATC in control.

not a big deal though, just want to know if there any other source I can use to locate active ATC.

May have just timed it wrong and a controller signed off. Or the controller got dropped and is waiting to get back in. Or liveflight needed a refresh. Sometimes it hangs on updating ATC.

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This is the best app: preflight if
I always have a look at it before planning a flight (it shows all active ATC and also displays when each controller started his session)

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here’s the example, in liveflight WSSS shown in orange, but when I click on it in the active ATC tab, there’s none. I have refreshed liveflight about 2 times @Aquila


@daniele_milizia, is that an app only for iOS? I can’t find it in google playstore (I’m using Android)

Hi, checking on the thread I realize that probably not (try asking developer):

Hey guys, right now is iOS only. Have ab Android version in development but haven’t had much time to work on it, - family and work eating my time

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Don’t you understand what the post says?
Because they are currently flying so he can’t end the flight because of checking active ATC.

My apology’s. You dont have to be so rude…

ok this topic can now be closed mod, thank you.