Find TOD+VS widget for iOS Shortcuts

Updated: Easily chose cruise altitude in menu or enter cruise altitude manually

I created a Shortcuts widget for iOS that is very useful for calculating top of descent and rate of descent for vertical speed without leaving Infinite Flight app. It will do the calculations within the widget page.

To download click on the link and in the top right click on open in safari then click on get shortcut.

The widget will ask you to enter the altitude you are descending from, and your current ground speed. The widget will then speak aloud the result and show an alert of the result. The widget can be used within the Infinite Flight simulator or any other app of your choice.

Must have Shortcuts application and also must enable widgets use on widgets page by going to the Shortcuts app >
Settings> Show in Widget.

To add Shortcuts > Edit > Add Shortcut image by clicking little green + sign.image


Seems like one great feature. Going to download and give it a go!

Re download the link I forgot to enable speak text on the widget.

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Thank you for this! I’m a big user of Shortcuts so great to see people using it for IF.


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Thanks! It took me a week to get this widget to be perfect. Please share with everyone!!! This is perfect for doing those two calculations without interrupting infinite flight app.


This is really nice!

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Thanks I appreciate it, please share the link with as many Shortcut widget users!!

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Oh wow! Looks great

Great work!

How can I call widgets on Ipad?

And I didn’t get this one.

Is this available on Android?

Excellent will give it a try

Is ground speed in MPH

Ground speed will be in knots! I updated to show which units to use.

This is super cool - using widgets is a great idea.

That said - when I try to open this on my iPhone X, Shortcuts crashes. (Obviously a bug in Shortcuts, not your shortcut) Any ideas?

Edit - imported it on iPad which worked fine and then synced to my iPhone. Whatevs… 🤷🏼‍♂️


The shortcuts app is haveing the issue these days even others widgets just can’t work properly, apple admited that

@epaga @Allen_Lu I’m using the iPhone SE and I’m not having any trouble at all. Maybe it has something to do with newer iPhone models? I guess make sure the shortcuts app is up to date. I saw an update for Dec 5 in the App Store.

Here’s an updated version.

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This is so sool!

I used the shortcut as the basis for a new one.


  • cruise altitude is now entered in thousands
  • added altitude to descend to
  • VS is now a negative number

What do you think?

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I’ve created another version of the TOD Calculator shortcut.
Plus an extra VS Calculator shortcut to be used when the speed changes.

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