Find the Plane game!

Hello everyone! I have a fun little game I just made up for you guys. It is similar to “Guess the Livery” in some ways but also very different. How to play: So, I will give a name of a plane like United 737-800 and you guys will have to find a picture of that plane. Please give credit to owner to get credit of the picture. The first one to do that will get a star ⭐️. Then, they will get to choose a plane. Then at a certain day, I will choose the date and keep it to myself, the person with the most stars will win the game! I will keep track of the scores here…
@wolffan21 ⭐️

You don’t have to sign up, just start playing! Your first plane will be… United Dash 8 Q400!

What even is the point of this topic…?


For fun. If you want to play, you can.

In my opinion, this is a waste of time.

And we ask why RWA is going down the drain.



Credit: Airline Reporter

Now my star…
Agree with Pilot8. But nevertheless…

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Good job. Now you name a plane.

Finnair A350 at London Heathrow last Tuesday…

Good luck

jk. Just a Finnair a350 at Heathrow