Find out the reason for a flag

Is there a way I can find out why one of my comments have been flagged? The automated message does not specify a reason.

There isn’t any way of finding out, the only reason why it was flagged is the little information from the @system.

Hmm… mine just said flagged for moderator attention. Probably was the custom flag then. I thought it was possible someone misunderstood the comment and flagged as inappropriate.

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Yes in that case it was flagged for moderator attention because none of the above options fitted.

You can private message a moderator if you feel it shouldn’t have been flagged, then they’ll review it.

Well my comment was so badly phrased it should be removed anyways. I just don’t want an inappropriate flag because that would be against my account.

Also I cannot setuo a PM

They don’t go against your account unless they take action on it.

Just invite them to the PM.

Oh I’m sorry @xsrvmy, I didn’t see you were a basic user. You should still be able to message one of the moderators or the moderating team. Here’s their group.

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