Find Nearby Waypoints

Hello! I made this because on long haul routes where I’m finding waypoints in remote areas, I can easily struggle to find waypoints. I don’t really use FPLtoIF for my route planning (Sorry Chris) so I feel like this would be a good idea.

Note: Although this topic is similar, This is a more realistic take and this has its differences.

Here is an example of what is would look like:

excuse the really bad cursor 😂

Anyways, thanks for checking this out! You don’t need to vote, I just feel like this would be a good idea!

Thanks again,
Felix out

This is a really good idea

You get my vote

nice edit btw


oh my I just noticed what the waypoints are in your edit lol

come here


Thanks a lot Robertine! Yeah, I tried my best on the edit.

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I’m out of votes, but I do like this idea! I hate zooming in and out to find waypoints.


It’s ok, thanks for checking it out!

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This definitely gets my vote

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Thanks a lot mate!

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I am honored to have my own waypoint

thank you Felix


Haha, just thinking of 5 letter/digit names!

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You could’ve done FELIX lmao but thanks

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Should’ve been waypoint BLITZ 😒

i’m not offended

I do like the idea but a simpler option imo is to just have the ability to see waypoints from further zoomed out.

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Sorry about that, and yes I see how that would work, but I feel like that could clutter the map. Good suggestion though!

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This would be super useful for trans-pacific flights, where waypoints are super hard to find :)

Ooh yh I like this, voted!
And congrats @MJP_27 and @AviationFreak on your own waypoints
I have my own irl somewhere in Illnois lol (AHMED)

What? Where?

Somewhere in the middle of Illnois
Search it up on the map
But unlike you it wasn’t in honour of me :( oh well