Find my plane

Hey pilots, i tookoff at 6:55am PST and im flying from KLAX - EDDF with the B777F Lufthansa Cargo. My callsign is Lufthansa Cargo 777. I can’t find my plane on live flight or map flight, so im hoping one of you guys can find my plane for me. If you find it please tell me where the Aircraft is flying over. Thanks! Also the server is Expert Server.

Expert server is the one

Unfortunately, I think you/your device may have crashed, or you went offline. I cannot find any information about your flight.

Thats a pretty nifty thing. What is that? (just wondering)

how do you get that information tracker

The first one is: IFATC Info - Inbound Flights

The second and third one is:

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does anyone want to make it interesting by flying some f-18 jets to it location it should be on the east coast of North America

Are you near the device you were flying on?

i tookoff around 7:15am PST and then i had to go to school, so right now im at school but i should be landing around 5:30pm PST. I also turned off automatic updates so then that notification that shows up in the middle of the screen wont show up at all.

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