Find My Gator Challenge @1800Z Expert Server

Hello Gator Lovers, Its your Boy Croc King Christian. I am here posting a challenge to find me while flying during the Around the World Event. My only hint is that I will be near one of the buisiest air spaces in the world during the 1800-2359Z region.

My call sign will be


If you see me screenshot and show how far I was into my gator design

Have Fun and Safe Flying and dont get lost in the Gator Sanctuary


Hey, do you bought a alligator yet?

In my Imagination? I have a whole sanctuary of them. In real life? No but maybe someday


Hmmm, will you be active during those hours the whole entire time? That’d be great

It depends how long the drawing takes

Welp, good luck, I’ll try and find you!

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make sure to screenshot if u see the full gator

Don’t worry, I got you covered!

thx stay safe now go wash the gator paws

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