Find horrible weather to fly in!

So I was curious the other day as to where the worst airport weather was so I could go into IF and try to fly in it. A quick Google search lead me to where it lists the worst airports to fly at in real time using ATIS updates.
I found some pretty fun places to fly so check it out if you’re bored.
I’ve been thinking of “hosting” a landing contest using this website and posting the results via YouTube for you guys to enjoy. If anyone would be interested let me know.


Good tip. Thank you.

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I’ll come. Crabbing Greasers all day!


That’s good to know. Thanks!

There’s also this website that I use sometimes.
It shows the wind conditions around the globe.

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That’s pretty awesome.
That same day I got curious, went into solo, set the wind to runway heading, and jacked it up to max wind speed.
I was airborne with a GS of 64kts.
May do the landing party tonight. I’ve gotten off work the earliest I’ve been able to in over 3 months. Usually when I get on most pilots on TS are starting or already on their overnight hauls and traffic can be super light.

I’m interested! This sounds like a fun nightmare.

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