Find flights using Siri!

This little trick is for IOS only, SIRI will bring you flights above your head using his / her tricks.

All you need to do is say to SIRI “Flight above my head” and it will bring you flights above your head!


I’ve done it before, pretty cool.


I dont want a plane above my head. At 35.000 feet is another story🤷🏽‍♂️


It doesn’t work for me :(

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Doesn’t work the best, well on Macs at least. I’m in Sydney, Australia and it gives me these flights:

That isn’t @Mark_Denton is it?! ;)


On iOS it works fairly well :)


I got American 2149. So close to my callsign!


It don’t work for me 😕

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It just searches ‘flights above me’ on google.

iPad Air 1st generation.
iOS 10.0.1

Use Wolfram Alpha if your Siri does not work :)

Apparently doesn’t work with Siri for MacBook :(

She works for me fine

I tried it while plane spotting and didn’t work… but I guess it can only track a certain number of planes…

does anyone know what the global part is.

Tried it again and this is what happenedimage

This is what I found when I looked them up

You can also say “planes above” and it brings up a flight tracker.

Wait a minute. You’re in Sydney and you got a bunch of American planes?

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Wolfram Planes Overhead also works.