Finance for a flight school

Hi. I’m always enjoying on this community and I learned a lot from you guys. And some people here are aiming to become a pilot in real life so I want to know about your the financial tips or stories of becoming an airline pilot.

The school I am interested has a course towards fATPL. I’ll train there about 2 years if I join it.
Actually I don’t really know what I do for my goal in a financial way because of the massive course fees.

If you’re a commercial, an airline pilot, how did you do that?? How did you achieve your goals?


I’m still a student pilot with a relatively low hour count but this video helped me significantly.


I personally found a flight school that is in partnership with Sallie Mae, offering a “career training loan”

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Great video. As he said on the video, I’m going to solve that kind of problems.
Thanks for sharing 😊

Visit mentour aviation on YouTube, he has a video on this.

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The school near me will get you an PPL for $8000 USD. At least that’s what it says on the website. I don’t know anything for a commercial license though.

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Two words, Air Force. They can pay for flight training and collage


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