[FINALS - VOTE NOW] 1st Ever Captain Fred Screenshot Competition

Hi all!

Today I present you: the 1st ever Captain Fred Screenshot Competition 🎉

This is a competition to see who can take the best picture of Captain Fred. There will be rounds and the best captain Fred picture of the IFC will be chosen by you guys in polls!

The rules are simple:

  • Captain Fred’s Face must be visible in all photos
  • They can’t be over-edited to the extent that his face is unclear.
  • Try to come up with unique ideas so you can stand out!
  • You may add text in the pictures unless they violate the Community Rules.

If you are unsure who Captain Fred is, it’s this pilot that can be found in the 777s, and some more aircraft:


All entries must be made via a PM.

For the first round I only need 1 photo from you, but if you advance I will ask for more.

Winner Prize: The winner will receive a (photoshopped) selfie with Captain Fred, using your PFP as your face. Unfortunately, Captain Fred himself is too busy flying so he cannot take an actual selfie with ya guys.

Entries close at the end of the week on Sunday (subject to change) - 2021-04-03T23:00:00Z

And no, this isn’t a joke, I am seriously hosting this.


What has the IFC come to… Fred get smiling photos are incoming! 😎


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh Fred’s getting some cred


he deserves it, my mans been flying for multiple years non-stop


For the first round I only need 1 photo from you, but if you advance I will ask for more.

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Make sure to submit a photo everyone! Let’s have some fun!

Captain Fred deserves this for his hard work! But he’ll be so disappointed when he sees my picture of him lol

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He surely does!

Noone takes pictures of him at all so I’m sure he will be incredibly happy!

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That’s a great idea @tunamkol, Fred now gonna get some serious attention to his looks 😂

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Poor guy :( i usually see him in Humorous live photos


Yes. No one ever takes him seriously despite the fact that the simulator wouldn’t be possible without him.

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So true! He has done so much for us, now we should pay him respect!

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Credit to Vote for the Next Aircraft 2020

Did some maths on the 777.

9.5 million flights in total.

12% with the 777.

That is 1140000.

Let’s say the average flight length of the 777 is 7 hours.

1140000 x 7 = 7980000

My man Fred logged:

7 Million 980 thousand Flight Hours in 2020

What a legend.


oh my god man lool

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Omg, he is a legend!!! I feel so bad that he always has to stay awake while we sleep during our overnight flights :(

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I know. Just look at him 😥


he looks so tired!

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He does! He needs more attention :(

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Fred’s a zombie. Never sleeps. He is a super human

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How dare you call him that?!? 😡

That’s better!

haha lmao jk mate