Finally, Tea Time

Nice pictures! You flew from my favorite airport to @Tsumia’s favorite airport!

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Very nice! I love the angles in them.

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You all have obviously never tried a good glass of:

大排檔奶茶 (Hong Kong Milk Tea)

Ahhh, perfect on a hot summer day. This is exactly how I am used to seeing it…

How do you get angles like that? Looks so beautiful.

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Go away from the aircraft in free mode and zoom in. Gives great depth.

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Great photos! Very clean :)

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@Ajaxibrahim, finally ☕️

@snoman thanks, sadly Tsumia didn’t want to join the flight

@anon38496261, thanks

@ArthurFlys thanks😊, you get in free mode and go away from the aircraft. Then zoom in on the aircraft and you can get that.

Thank you @Acaviation4138


Thanks for letting me know have a nice day/night!


Hey, no problem. Hope to see some of your work soon😃

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