Finally Some Good Action At PHX! (Part 2 I Guess)

How’s it going everyone? So as some of you may know by now, I live in Phoenix and love Phoenix airport. So I headed over to KPHX again very early this morning to catch some special liveries and a surprise plane I wasn’t expecting. I got up at 6:45 a.m. and got to the airport at about 7:45 a.m!

Les get into it!

Starting off with a picture I got a bunch of compliments on. :)

One very big loud boi

One flashy red boi

California One. It landed on 7R which was far from where I was so I couldn’t get any landing pictures.

Triple Crown One with a nice roe-tay-she-uhn

And for the unexpected boi, an Arizona Air National Guard KC-135 Tanker

A very yellow banana boye

Louisiana One

In my opinion, a very ugly and boxy plane

And I saw this as we were leaving and we stopped the car so I could catch it really quick. Otherwise it’s a American Airlines Allegheny Heritage Livery.

And that’s it! Thanks so much for viewing!

I went GA spotting at KDVT yesterday, should I make a thread on that?

  • Yes, GA isn’t featured very often
  • Nah, GA isn’t that good

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Have a great rest of your day!



Great Photos! I love the Cali One

backlit ;-;


Jk great pictures!


Yessir! Sad they were landing on the 7s and I was close to the 25s. Didn’t make for some good landing pictures but it was still great!


Nice, sadly 😭 PHX keeps cutting flights, they said by September there will be 50% less than there is now which is 20% pf before the pandemic

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I don’t really believe that by how much the aviation industry is recovering and how JetBlue at least is opening a new flight from Newark informations courtesy of @Ishrion . But thank you!


Some relatively good news for PHX - American is ending its LAX to Eugene, Medford, and Redmond routes. With these cuts, they’ve chosen to somewhat shift capacity and increase PHX to Eugene, Medford, and Redmond from 1 to 2 daily flights later this year.

I’m pretty sure these three PHX routes were always 1x daily pre-COVID.

Regarding % capacity, I’m not sure about the exact numbers for how much PHX is getting cut, but expect September to be lower than August with travel demand beginning to decrease as it usually does every year.


Nice shots, imagine the DHL 737 livery in IF 😍

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Oh yeah, the summer rush is over. I hope it doesn’t sink too badly and thanks for the awesome info as always!

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Thanks! Yes we need the DHL livery! Along with some other cargo liveries aswell :)


is there a lot less planes because the virus?

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Yes, air travel demand has decreased greatly but it starting to increase again.


That’s what I thought but American Airlines is still cutting flights🤦‍♂️

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Well earlier today there were 3 waiting on the hard stand waiting for a gate

Ya, but that doesn’t mean there’s more flights

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What a scenery!

Really cool pictures you have here, and I must admit I understand why you got your compliments here, what a stunner!

Thanks for sharing!

Hey, that California One was at KBUR a few days ago. Also check your DM with me

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Thank you so much! Yeah that was probably the best one I’ve taken.

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You got a birb in the boxy plane picture lol 😂
@Robertine approved?
To keep on on track, the pictures are amazing! You probably get asked this a lot, but what camera do you use?

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Lovely pictures! I’m really loving the shot of the Fedex MD-11!