Finally reached Delta Diamond 360!

After quite a long time of flying Delta/Northwest, the time has come when I was finally invited to join Delta’s 360 programme. This is a big milestone and I am so glad that I can share it with all of you! My favourite part is the Porsche service at Atlanta, Detroit, NewYork JFK/LGA, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.
Has anyone else been able to have this experience? Just thought that this might be interesting.


What are the perks of having Delta 360?

Can you be on standby for a later flight or can you get upgraded to First/Business on a flight you’re going on?

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Congratulations! This must be an amazing time for you right now! How much miles did you have to fly to earn this and how long did it take?

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Normal elites get those benefits. 360’s just get upgrade priority over everyone else. (Diamonds and below)

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Delta 360 is reserved for high spend customers. Usually upwards of 50k per year.

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I personally don’t like delta as much as AA but that’s my opinion. My dad is the highest AA tier and so we get free flights sometimes and we always board first.

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Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Congratulations on attaining HVC status! If you don’t mind me asking, how many miles did you fly last year?

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I like Delta’s FF program. I fly United and have Premier Silver. Congrats! A lot of flying there!

This must be great for you, I congratulate you for staying loyal to one specific airline over a long period of time and obtaining some very nice perks. Enjoy it, you worked very hard and spent alot of money for this.


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Congratulations on this major achievement! Now you really get first class. Not even Emirates offers Porsche service all the way to the apron. Kudos!

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Porsche service, first priority upgrades, free lounge access, free spa access, at LAX, special boarding zone, discounted private jet flights, although I probably won’t use them and more

I’m not sure exactly right now, but I’ll look

Private jet flights? That’s very interesting.

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Total miles: somewhere between 2 and 3 million,
Time: 11 years on Northwest and Delta


2 and 3 Million??? What??? Are you @the.jetsetter???


Wait delta offers discounted privet jet flights

Only for 360, but it’s still really expensive

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