Finally made Grade 4

Took a bit over 3 months since I started on Live on August 7. Grade 5 looks daunting but a makeable goal for 2017.


Welcome to the Grade 4 club :)


The road to Grade 5 is long. Took me about 8 months, but don’t worry, don’t worry. Just keep flying, don’t think about it, and you will get there so fast, you won’t even know it. Congrats on your Grade 4. Almost with the Elite haha.


I made grade 4 a few weeks back. I immediately noticed that people don’t run though you or cut you off in TS1 anymore haha

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No but you get grade three noobs doing it on the expert server (happened yesterday, annoyed me so much 😡)


Congratulations on making Grade 4! Can’t wait to see that green name tag of your’s in the sky ;)


Oh man, trust me when I say ik how hard it is to get to grade 4. I never have live for consecutive months. My first time experiencing live was in back in June and I was amazed. I made to grade 3 with the old standards in absolutely no time. Right before school opened back up for me I got live in August and was soooo close to getting grade 4 but was so far at the same time. This was when the xp change came for grade 3 so it made it even harder for me to get grade 4. And then I got live again which sadly expires tonight, but here I am now a grade 4 with 100xp. The sad thing is that now a grade 4 doesn’t get that same “Woah” look like they did back when I first started playing if. Anyways good job on making it to grade 4


Congratulations! :)


Well done :) I’m slowly grinding my way towards grade 5, just 21.5 more hours required.


I’d suggest starting to escort people (with their permission) because t makes it a lot better than just sitting there waiting to land.

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Congrats! I was Grade 3 but when they changed XP requirements a few months ago, I became Grade 2. Good luck!

Question, very dumb one but does these grades work on singleplayer?

They don’t, it’s only live or live+.

Oh man… Looks like I will jus wait till i get a new phone…

I hope ya get one fast! I can’t wait to fly beside you.

No, they don’t. They are used to show off your skill to others on multiplayer and singleplayer does not add anything to the grades (I think…)

I wish I could get back up there :(

Patrick, what happened? Weren’t you Grade 4?

It took me a long time to get here. Congrats on the hard work! I know it’s just a “game”, but it’s a game that has no real rewards other than Expert Server. It all comes down to a really great community and a lot of fun.

I just crossed 100,000XP and 100HR of flight time. It felt extremely good to see that.

I got too tied up in airport editing and daily life, my 90 day landings went down.