Finally Hit Grade 3

I finally hit Grade 3 a few hours back and I’m really happy! I can finally fly on the Expert Server and attend events there!
I also completed a flight on the Expert Server with some excellent ATC! Thanks for all the support and help from everyone on the forum and everyone who play Infinite Flight! Its been a long and amazing ride and there’s still more to go!

PS: I can’t wait for Global and PLEASE believe me… I actually hit Grade 3, I’m not fooling you! :P

Here are a few screenshots from my first Grade 3 flight:



Congratulations on the accomplishment! Keep flying!


Thanks man! I would love to fly with you sometime!

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Anytime! I’m always up for a flight.

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Congrats! It must feel great! Sadly, this isn’t exactly enough to warrant a topic:) Still, great job. See you in the expert skies!


Haha! Thanks a lot, mate! I would love to fly with you as well!

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doesnt it feel great? welcome to the big boy league

Sure does! Thanks!
Also, is it actually your birthday today?

indeed it is, we should fly sometime

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A Very Happy Birthday. Yes we should fly sometime!

thank you and just hook me up with a PM when your free, also why not come along to some events

Congrats! Now to Grade 4!

Sure! Why not! Let’s not talk much about it here! Thanks again!

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Well done. We get a load of these topics though, so I have closed it so it doesn’t clog the forum 🙂