Finally grade 5

I just started playing infinite flight again in May and can officially say I have hit grade 5!! I never actually thought I would make it but it turns out my 4 hour landing sessions payed off! I just want to thank everyone who has been involved in my journey well my “new” journey ;) and whatever you have done it has helped me get to where I am now:) I couldn’t thank you guys enough. Especially all of the Regulars, Mods and Staff:) I cant wait to see where IF takes me in the future. But thanks again EVERYONE! It has truly been an amazing and exciting journey!


Congratulations! Next challenge is to maintain it.


Welldone, this is a great achievement!keep up the great work


Great Job!

I just got to 1million xp! This felt amazing so I know how you feel. Congratulations!


welcome!, good job

Congrats. Now you are expected to behave like a senior captain that you are now. Respect yourself and others.

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yeah i am on Grade 5 since month i passed 1 millon xp now my next goal will be 2000hr of flight time 🤣

Congratulations! Closing as we would have nothing but topics like this if everyone posted every time they climbed a grade! :)