Finally Grade 5!

Well, there ya have it. After just over a year of joining Infinite Flight Live, I finally achieved what I’ve dreamt of, being a Grade 5 pilot! Thank you to every ATC who’ve accommodated my super tight patterns, thank you to the experts who’ve taught me how to fly tight patterns, And the most important of all, thank you to every single one of you community members who’ve beared with me on this journey and made this place as great as it can be!

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Justin Chan


That is amazing! I have been on everyday and working at it for about a year now and will reach grade four (4) in about fifty landings.

It’s exciting to see new people reach new grades/goals! I look forward to seeing you in the skies!


Yh, wow. I saw someone at grade 5 with 1 violation or 2.

Welcome to the Grade 5 special elite group.

From now on you belong to a new Group, which will give you status and new friends. We meet weekly via conference calls, where we complain about lower Grade pilots. You will no longer interact with the lower Grades, this is not allowed and bad for your image. You will be posted a Grade 5 T-shirt, which you can wear to parties and functions, to get instant respect. Colour: peachy-pinkish.
When flying in real life, please present you Grade 5 Peachy Pink Pass and you will receive a special welcome by the Captain of the flight. Also you will be invited to do the takeoff and landing, if you so desire. Champagne is free during the flight.

Best regards 😉

Just in case someone worries: the above it total and utter rubbish.
Well done to Justin and anyone with a Grade 5.
A salute to all Grades with pilots who are trying hard to fly by the rules and contribute to good game play.


May I get a template for that Peachy-Pinkish T-Shirt? And unfortunately I’m not of age to drink yet 😥. Anyways thanks for the warm welcome?

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Congrats man! I know those 200landings are a tall order.Well done my friend.
I remember when I got to grade 5 and I felt Like I was a Mod 😂 (I was still kinda a noob back then)
3 landings a day should keep u in grade 5,unless u don’t fly many days.
I have maintained 270 landings for a while believe it or not.
Anyways @azeeuwnl has said everything about The Grade 5 group for you 😂

@SpeedPlayz Our @MishaCamp has like 0-3 vios


Is this group actually a real thing. I guessing it was a joke

For you, and any others who are not sure, I updated my post.


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