Finally Grade 5 (5 days late) and a few tips

Hey everyone

I’m very happy to finally get my Grade 5 on IF ! I’ve been using IF pro for about a year now, maybe a little more, but I finally made it. An even if I wanted to achieve this goal before 2019, I think that 5 days late is no real big deal :-)
This said, I know there’s a lot of topics with people announcing their grade 5, and mine is just another one. But I want to bring something to the community along with achieving Grade 5, so here are a few tips I may give you to progress through the rankings:

  • Set a goal early

If you love aviation and simulation, you’re definitely on the right place. But you will have to work your path through this community. Observe, learn, decide, set your objective. As a new user, observe people around you and be humble with yourself, we all have to learn, and as you progress through Grade 1 & 2, you have to deal with a learning process. Check the tutorials, kindly ask older users, the fact is that you’re not the only one going through this and people around you are very happy to help. Then decide what you really want. Get a better grade, enjoying a Virtual Airline, to be as realistic as you can. We all have multiple ways to be happy in the app. Finally, set your goal, what do I want and what is my deadline. This will be your fuel to continue progressing everyday.

  • Discipline

Nobody is going to get the work done for you. After achieving the basics of flight, you will have to do a certain amount of landings (total/per day) to progress to higher grades. The rule here is to be regular. We all have a life, a job, school, etc… We also all have periods with less activity. But you will have to be disciplined to practice everyday. Set an hour that you will devote everyday to use IF for 20 minutes for example. I personally sometimes finish work after 22h (10pm), and the last thing I want is to do my landings of the day. Discipline is what makes me do it anyway before going to bed. Remember this: 4 landings a day = 112 landings per month = 1344 landings per year ;-)

  • Pattern work

Pattern work is the best way to progress fast and safely to higher grades. But before you get yourself some pattern work in London Heathrow with an A380, check the rules, practice on casual and training server, and then get experience on expert with strict rules. After achieving a solid Grade 3, you can do your pattern works alone in a small airport, applying the same rules as if you where surrounded by other planes. Use small planes, the Cessna 172 is a pure gift for pattern work.

  • After-goal

After achieving your desired objective, don’t stop. Continue learning, find another objective and keep practising and flying regularly (discipline!). Get out of your comfort zone and try to bring something to the community. Maybe you’d like to practice ATC on training server. Maybe you want to contribute to tutorials and teach the new ones something that you missed when you started IF. Keep asking yourself what you can do, and repeat the attitude of the tip “Set a goal early”.

  • Keep learning

So, you wanted to be Grade 5 or an ATC on expert, and you did it. Does this make you the ultimate master of Infinite Flight. No. We are all humans, we make mistakes, we learn, and we improve our knowledge. The best gift life gave us is the ability to learn new things with basically infinite storage (infinite flight, infinite storage, get it…?). You’ll be a better person if you know that you can still learn something new everyday. Just think of this, every user on infinite flight knows something that you don’t.

Finally, thank you if you read all of this. I’d like to thank every single person of IFC. It’s been a long time since I’ve met such a kind and motivate community. Many challenges are coming and I’m eager to contribute more in the future. A special thanks to all the moderators and regulars who do an amazing job in the forum. And a big thank you to the TAP Virtual Airline who welcome me and taught me so many things.


Great post! I find myself thinking about my after goal once I hit Grade 5.

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I really enjoyed reading your message because you see that besides you have achieved your goal to reach the grade 5 you learned a lot in this trajectory, we have seen many pilots trying to reach grade 5 anyway and refuse to learn , and are all time complaining here and seeing you come with this perspective makes me very happy
I wish you a lot of success on your way to new goals, and if you want to fly at any time you can invite me that it will be a pleasure to fly with you
happy New Year


Welcome to the grade 5 mafia 😉

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Congrats bro!
For me It’s not the landing count that prevents me from being grade 5, its the darn vio ratio. I’m always at 0.05 or 0.06 cause I get distracted and forget about my speed. It’s usually like 3 flights where I pick up 3 vios and I go from 0.04 to 0.05 or 0.06

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You could join IFATC and climb up there! ;)

The thing I like most of being grade 5 is that the name tag is gold!

Congrats! Grade 5 is hard to achieve but is definitely a great long term goal if not yet grade 5. Welcome to the grade 5 club! 😉

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I must say I’m 8 landings from my grade 5 at I’m getting the chills. I’m not sure what’s next, maybe getting in to a VA or move on to just GA stuffs to maintain my averages for grade 5. I wish there was a grade5 club or VA of the sort to join ✌🏽


No, I don’t


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