Finally, Grade 4😎

Hey boyz, finally reached grade 4 😎

It took me 5 months in total to reach grade 4 and exactly 2 months from grade 3 to reach 4!

The final moment

I also made another achivement while doing this…


Great achievement hoping for grade 5 now I just degraded sadly hope even I’ll get grade 4 soon

You will Too! just grind and grind!

Once upon a time I reached grade 4 in 3 and half months only but the thing is due to violation I degraded

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You flew 190 hours in last 90 days?!

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yes i did bbut tbh thats just around 6 days of 90

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Oh my God, lot of long hauls?

yep but my game crashed on landing each of em

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Yea, thats why i wasnt able to imagine that ammount of time in 90 days because i usually fly 2-5 hour flights. Uff, that crashing sounds annoying

welp i always prepare myself for it before hopping on a long haul πŸ˜‚

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Yeaa, weird case πŸ˜…

CONGRATS! I just realized I also get it today πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

congrats too you too!

Correction. It’s Tuesday lol

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Awesome I am a grade 4 pilot as well welcome to the grade 4 squad

heh lets see how long it takes to join the grade 5 squad

Step 1: Take off

Step 2: Fly the plane

Step 3: ???

Step 4:

Jokes aside tho congrats!

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Welp thats all you see since your not in the grade 4 club yet😎

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Congrats mate I just hit grade 4, two days ago great job climbing up the ranks of IF.

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You too! I saw your posts on discord!

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