Finally fot Grade 4!

Hey IFC users! Hope you’re ok!

So today after an 3h50 flight from Hurgada to Nerlin with Smartlynx a321 generic livery, I’ve landed for the last time as an grade 3 pilot! I’m so glad lol

Dont hesitate to write how you got grade 4 in comment and have a nice day,



Congratulations on reaching Grade 4! It’s a fantastic achievement. Next stop, Grade 5!

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Thank you very much sir for your attention!

Congrats, getting to grade 4 for me was a bit difficult but I realized that if you want to keep that grade and move up to 5 you must keep doing a least 2 or 3 landings a day otherwise from your 90 day count you lose what you done so it’s easy to fall back to grade 3 and you don’t want that.

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True but he still has to land 400 more times

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congrats on grade 4!!

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Thank you! Yes that was a little difficult but with some passion for planes and motivation i make it !

Thanks you:D

congrats on grade 4

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Thank you very much!

Congrats mate next step is G5

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