Finally entered G4 family!

Guys, I entered the G3 family three days ago and experienced es. With my personal efforts, I entered the G4 family in three days. I touched and go 300 times in Kden in these two days, I learned to land steadily with one hand πŸ˜‚, so touched, I finally entered the G4 family.


That’s an awesome achievement! I recommend keeping current with the landings though as in 90 days, all 300 landings will disappear from the 90 days record


Wow, how long did that take you?

It is good suggustion,thank you

you mean G3 to G4?


Nice work I’m trying to get there

Next stop, grade 5. It’s a very good achivement to reach G4, now with patience you will eventually make it into G5

I have only one thing to say

w h a t πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

3 DAYS???

Talk about commitment! πŸ˜‚

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Damn here I am just slowly climbing the grade staircase and falling down and there you are flying up the grade staircase

gg lol

I climbed from G3 to G4 for more than a year
And you tell me you made it in 3 days 😳


YES,because in this 3 days,i touch and go 300 times is very boring.

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That is very impressive haha!

I usually get lots of flying hours and xp and stuff so i usually get lots of those quickly, but the landings part takes a long time. The only faster way than just doing normal flights that is kinda slow is doing touch and goes but it gets boring after time

I must ask what plane did you use to do touch and goes and on what server?

Wow I should start doing that ! XD I mean im only 30 landings away from G4

Congrats welcome to the expert server!

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I am use x-cub in cs

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Oh okay. Thanks I am trying to get touch and goes too i was thinking about the best plane to do so

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