Finally Back In Action

Hello everyone,
You may or may not know me from last year. I have stoped infinate flight due to my exams but now i can start playing, I will be making va’s and all sort so i am happy to be back.


Glad to have you back!

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Welcome Back!!

Can’t wait to see you starting your endeavors within Virtual Airlines. Check this out IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [Updated 20181110] and I hope to see your VA be successful!

Virtual Airlines can be challenging and can sometimes make you want to rip your hair out, but they are so much fun and you won’t regret your decision. I’m here if you ever need verbal help



I have expirience on how to run a va because i have run couple of va’s before.
Thanks anyways

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Welcome Back! Glad to have you back, Best of luck on your VA plans.

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Respect for your decision to pause IF during your exam year!! 💪🏼 Hope your exams went well.

See you in the skies.


Yes they did, Thank you and see you in the skies.

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Welcome back! Tons of things have changed around here and on Infinite Flight since your last visit! Here is a couple new things:

  • The return of the Space Shuttle

  • Ewan is now a Moderator 😍

  • BluePanda is still Blue

  • The A350 was finally released

  • IFATC now runs Infinite Flight

  • Any Regular on IFC can now ghost trolls on Infinite Flight

  • DeerCrusher is still somehow crushing deer still

  • A new Server was released called the realistic server. You must be Grade 6 and pass a extremely hard text to assess the server

  • Grade 6 is now a thing

  • 3D Buildings!!!

  • On update v19.2 we had a amazing glitch! Whenever you tried to land a Ryanair 738, it would automatically become the hardest landing possible

  • Over 1,000,000 users are now on IFC

Some things listed may or may not be true
Glad you are back! Enjoy your flights on Infinite Flight and good luck with your VA!


I am surprised i dint know most of the stuff you have mentioned. Thanks for letting me know.
I am so excited to test everything out.


Haii Welome Back, Glad and also good to see you here !

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Are you seriously for Grade 6 ? Hahahaha

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Welcome back! Glad to see ya!

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Oh god that made me laugh so hard



Just a couple huh?

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Haha i thought it was real SP i checked it
Silky me

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Thank you all

I honestly really want this to happen. Dunno why. I feel like the expert server is getting too unrealistic

But welcome back! Hope the exams weren’t too much of a pain in the back


Yes they were alright, Thank you

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