Finally back Flying | Busy Early Morning Memphis!

Hey guys! It’s VulicityHD here. I have been away from Infinite Flight since about October and finally decided to come back! I did my first flight back with DLVA. I was messing around until I met the requirements to get back on expert and that’s when I chose to fly this route!

For this flight I flew KDTW-KMEM. Total flight time was 2 hours and 11 minutes but I enjoyed every second of it! I hope y’all enjoy some of these photos I got! They aren’t the best but I wanted to get some for my first flight back on Infinite flight!

Rotate at KDTW! (I made the shot in sunset because it looked better, hope that’s okay!)

Taxing to the gate at a busy Memphis!

A fellow spotter living in Memphis got a shot of my plane as the gear was coming down!

Landing at KMEM as an Arrow Cargo begins takeoff roll!

These are nothing to drool over but I thought they were pretty alright after not doing this in a while. Thank you guys for taking a look at these and hope to see all of you in the virtual skies! Everyone stay safe!



Vulicity wow I remember your face around! Good to have you back and awesome photos! KMEM seems to be a popular hub today!

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thank you for the kind words! yes it really is. can’t wait to fly there again today!