Finally, an Instrument Lesson

After quite a few months off, I have finally to restart my instrument training. Today’s flight was a “knock of the rest” type flight and I think I did, well okay. I got confused on my first hold but redeemed myself on the second one. With that, today’s instrument approach was the ILS 2 to Saline County. Down below is the chart and the path of my flight with the breadcrumb feature of ForeFlight… overall, I learned what I did wrong and look to improve on the next one. image image


Good work! One step closer to becoming an airline pilot. But, if I may ask, how has the flight training experience been so far? I’m interested in learning more about it.

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The flight training process is something to get use to in my opinion. I will say that if you are gonna do it, then do it. It’s nerve racking at first but the more and more one does it then more easy it gets

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Especially with instrument, you never get anywhere with it unless you go all out and fly multiple times a week with a good instructor.

I can concur. I’m going to b flying twice or so plus a week to get to done by The end of June

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