Finally Achieved Grade 5

Hello IFC,
I am not usually one to make these types of posts because, in general, I think that they are mostly selfish and unnecessary. However, sometimes I think that there are special occasions in which these types of Infinite Flight progress topics are warranted; when someone reaches Grade 5. Ever since I started “playing” Infinite Flight in 2013, it has been a goal of mine to reach Grade 5 because it truly is the upper echelon of Infinite Flight users. After a year of playing I took a break and diverted my free time to First Person Shooters and other popular games. Two years ago, a dear friend of mine reignited my interest in this simulator and, with the Global Update, it seemed to have made so much progress and I got instantly hooked again. After a while I joined the IFC and got more and more interested, but had to cancel my subscription last year due to the academic pressure that school required. Ever since quarantine, I have been playing pretty much nonstop and my goal has finally been achieved! To be fair, I do think I will lose this status now that school is starting again but just to have achieved it once has made me elated @NoahM. Anyways, I hope to continue to be active on the IFC and in IF throughout the rest of highschool, even though it will be hard considering how much schoolwork I have.


Congrats on grade 5 enjoy the tag!


Congrats! Covid let me reach this a couple of month back. Return to more normal workload just got me back to grade 4! Life goes on still.

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Congratulations! Grade 5 is a big goal! But it is very difficult to make the 180 landings in 90 days :(

nice class 5!

Congrats! 👍

Congrats and welcome to the Grade5-Club haha. great Job Mate

Congratulations!! Welcome to the club!

Long process,bravo!

Congratulations! Would’ve said welcome to the club but I’ve just lost mine a few days back, hopefully I can get it back someday.

Congratulations! I just need one landing to be grade 5 😆

Congratulations grade 5 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
What you need now just keep flying and make sure you have over 180 landing for 90 days .
Fly safe ✌🏻

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Omwww congratulations that’s awesome how long did it take you to reach grade 5 im about 298 Landings Away from Grade 5 but always enjoy the experience and God bless everyone😊

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God bless you! Well technically it took me it took me 6 years because I have been playing on and off since then, but I really started playing a lot this March when my school switched to online and I had way too much time on my hands


Ahhhh thank you so much for that and thats so amazing and its a
Great achievement and safe flying😊🛫


Congratulations!! Meanwhile I’m still at Grade 2 since I’ve been less active since schools started 😂

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Welcome to the club little man. You’re a long way from grade 2 now

I’ll probably be back to Grade 2 once they start giving exams hahaha

Don’t worry about it. You have the dedication to go to grade 5 you can have the dedication to keep grade 5

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Thanks man I am hoping it stays that way!