Finally a Good Aer Lingus A330 Shot! @EIDW

Welcome back to your sometimes daily, sometimes weekly and sometimes monthly dose of EIDW spotting. Depends on my mood and if I’m bothered to make a topic lol. Aer Lingus recently operated, and still is I believe, cargo flights for a German car manufacturer. The flights are being flown with the A330-300.They originate in Munich bound for Atlanta with a stop in Dublin. As far as I know I think some will originate from Stuttgart too soon. In these tough times it’s nice to see Aer Lingus bringing in a little more cash with these sort of flights. But do you want to know what’s even better? I was, for the first time, able to get some pictures of Aer Lingus’ A330s arriving during daylight! @mkwiecek Normally these aircraft arrive in to Dublin at 4 in the morning so good luck with that. I’m normally only going to sleep at that time nevermind getting up. Anyway we move

Airport Operations Info

Arriving Runways: 28L
Departing Runways: 28L


Canon 500D
Canon 55-250mm lens
EF-51 Velbon Tripod

1 // Definitely didn’t take this shot of from a graveyard. Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-EIN from Munich @Moritz

2 // Not a great photo but I wanted to include it considering it’s the first A330neo to ever come to Dublin. A HiFly A330-900 CS-TKY

3 // A Qatar Airways 787-8 A7-BCZ headed home to Doha

4 // I like to call this guy “Lard.” An Aer Lingus A321neoLR headed to Boston

5 // Again, I definitely did not take this from a graveyard. EI-FAV an Aer Lingus Regional ATR72-600 from Kerry. A route I flew irl back in August

6 // Another Aer Lingus A330-300 EI-EIM from Munich carrying car parts

7 // EI-GAL an Aer Lingus just incase you’re blind A320-200 headed far far away to the land of chav aka Manchester

If I get murdered by Aer Lingus VA trying to cover up a scandal this is where you can find me btw

I’m only realising now that this topic is 90% Aer Lingus lol. I would say sorry but I’m not

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Now just get a JetBlue Blueprint livery, and we well be even


You should stay in that graveyard and never leave.


Why isn’t there a none of the above option at the poll?

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I agree tbh


Wow that’s amazing 😍


Don’t worry bro I gotchu.

@AerLingusVA get him.

Great photos though!


Class stuff Ryan! Hoping to get down for a day for my introductory flight at Weston and then for a spotting session at Dublin soon. Would you recommend a certain time period to see some large jets (787s etc.)?

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Nah I’m too busy being inside something else


How about: “Which was the least worst?”

Thanks 🙏



I’d say anytime in around 11-1/2 would be the best times. All the Middle Eastern carriers arrive and depart around then plus the Aer Lingus A330 departures

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Cheers mate. Can’t wait to get down there.

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I was shocked that you went spotting in a graveyard 😳

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bro??? why’re you spotting in a graveyard?

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Very nice photos of Aer Lingus though.


I caught an Aer Lingus A330 from my backyard!



just climb onto the A321 that was headed to Boston and you’ll be good