[FINAL RESULTS] 2021's First IFC Spotting Competition

Welcome to 2021!

plus a couple weeks

Current Status: COMPLETE

Current Rounds Up:

Award Ceremony

This thread is not well put together because I’m lazy.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photo competition, so to bring in the New Year let’s do another one!


This competition will be double elimination. I believe that this is the best way to bridge the unfairness and luck-base of single-elimination, while being less confusing than a Swiss-style tournament. This means that if you lose twice, you’re out.

Rules and Procedures

  • To make it easier on everyone and to allow more people to participate, there will not be set categories.

  • All photos and edits must be your own.

  • Due to the double elimination style of this competition, we can start on any number. Signups will thus be open until we stop consistently getting new participants, or until a week from now.

  • If there is an odd number, there will be a competition of 3. If this happens, only the person who comes in last will receive a loss.

  • Matchups are totally randomized and loss blind. This means you are not guaranteed to go against people who have the same amount of losses as you.

  • This competition is gear blind. I am not grouping you guys into divisions, it’s just one big competition.

  • Please do not ask for votes in any way.

  • If participating, be punctual with photo submissions.

  • All gear and skill levels welcome!

  • Voting periods are 24 hours and results are revealed at the end.

  • I will keep a spreadsheet (in photo form) near the top of this thread during the competition so you guys can track your losses.

  • Last person standing wins.

How to Submit

  • PM me a photo for Round 1. If you want, you can send multiple so I don’t have to bug you later.

  • If you cannot PM due to Trust Level, drop a reply and I will PM you.

  • If you can, drop a reply saying you entered. This will keep the topic bumped and help attract more participants.

Good Luck!


Very, very, very excited that we’re bringing this back! I’ll send in my submission soon.


I’m not missing it this time!

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I know I’m not the best spotter here by far, but this looks like a boatload of fun, I’m in!

Submission coming soon, let’s hope I don’t get crushed in the first 10 seconds of this competition. 😂

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Well, you’re guaranteed to make it past round 1 lol


Just entered with a collection from the last two years to start with 🥳

ok mr spotting god we get it you’re gonna destroy us


you lost by 1% last time smh

a loss is a loss

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Meh, just get an amazing closeup of a generic 320 and people will make you win over me lol

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Or a United NL 738 during golden hour at SFO apparently


maybe I’ll have to pull out the virgin a350 closeup, that hasn’t failed me yet

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Sign me up, I’ll send in my submission later since I’m actually out spotting right now

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I just entered the comp!

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That’s sounds cool!!!

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I’m in the comp! Good Luck to everyone!

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I’m surprised you didn’t tag me asking if you want me to participate. I’m in

17 already…doing pretty well, keep those signups coming!

I just submitted my first photo. :)

May the best win, good luck y’all!

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I entered I will be sending pic soon!