Final LAX spotting of 2022

I went to LAX to spot for the last time in 2022. I was able to spot some planes I haven’t seen in a long time. Lets into the pictures!

Aloha Air Cargo 767-300F

Avianca A320NEO

Air New Zealand 777-300ER

Volaris A320

China Southern Cargo 777-F

China Eastern Cargo 777-F

Copa Airlines 737-MAX8

Aeromexico E190

Japan Airlines 787-8

Fiji Airways A350

Which was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing!


Not trying to be a Negative Nancy but I believe it is a 787-8 by length. Sorry if I am wrong!


You are right actually

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Bueatiful 😍

Thank you.

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china southern and eastern look so similar ot eachother

The stripes and liveries have similarities, yes.

One is red, the other is blue. The only difference is probably the tails and logos


yeah, the stripes, the lettering, its so similar

Yes I understand that, I was discussing the old coat.

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This is China Eastern’s old Coating.Some China Eastern’s 77F has changed to it’s new Coating.This plane is very hard to see it now.


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Awesome. The only thing is is that I was there today lol

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Amazing pictures mate!:D I wish i can go spotting at LAX!:)

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Thank you.

Nice shots! The Fiji livery looks so good on the A350…

Thank you.

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