Final Landing Before Grade 4!

Hey all!

Gonna go make my 100th landing in pattern at PHNL! This will be my final awaited moment to push me into grade 4. I’ve been with Infinite Flight since 2015, and with live, and global since launch. This is going to be exciting!

My display name is IFLEO and I’ll be flying Singapore 4!



I think should make this a group flight like I did.

Hello, congratulations on nearly achieving the rank of grade 4.
This is a great achievement!
Is this an event, or flash-flight?

Im just letting people know where im gonna be at to achieve this. No need to make an event, groupflight, or “flash flight”

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Of course, as I am taxing, @Kamaniya changes ATIS to restrict pattern work. :( Now going to do a VFR loop around the island, and head inbound!


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