Final Flight

I’m gonna get my final flight in for today. 😌 If anyone cares to join me, I’ll be parked at KSAN on the Playground (There’s barely anybody on Advanced) in a 773ER. My display name is FlyFi, copy my Flight Plan and we can go as soon as I request pushback. I’ll be there for a couple minutes. 😊

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Ok comin’ wait.

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sadly I can’t. Im in a study session right now. Im bummed as well because my live runs out tomorrow

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I’m there now.

I’ll go there

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Kestrel 002

Are you there?

Yeah, me and Bulba took off. You disappeared off my radar when you took off for some reason.

That was a great flight! :) If only both of you stayed it would’ve been better.

Funny… Why is your HUD white? 😂

Lmao. Just the results of a little photo editing I guess. 😂

Imagine having a white HUD while it snows… Just imagine… 😂

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:O That would be amazing… I think just the thought of snow in Infinite Flight is amazing. 😂

You would just crash 😂

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I’m sorry I Can’t attend 😔. Is this your Last Flight on Live?

No, it was just for today. :) Although my live is expiring fairly soon…

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