Final flight with the old A330

Today marks my final flight with the old A330. Just a 4 hour flight from Singapore to Taiwan and another 4 hour flight from Taiwan to Singapore.

Flight details:
Singapore Airlines
Total time:4hr 44min/4hr 2min
Expert server

This is WSSS–>RCTP

Credits to the full moon for brightening the area so I don’t need to brighten it myself

Good morning Taiwan

Shiny bird

Welcome to Taiwan!

This is RCTP–>WSSS
Preparations for the flight home

Turbulent climb

3+ hours later…

Wing view

One butter later…

Welcome home!


Shame the gear tilt of the new one sucks…

Nice pics!

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All that matters to me is using the butter machine correctly

Thanks lol

How does the gear tilt suck

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