Final Flight @ FAOR - 211230ZAPR20

My name is Blair, or some of you may know me as Infinite Flight Scotland, if your a follower of the Instagram Community. Due to long foreseen circumstances, I have has to stop posting, and flying.

Today, at 1230z, I will host my last flight, in a South African CRJ700. EXPERT SERVER

We will depart from FAOR (Johannesburg), and make our way up to FYWH (Windhoek) for a short re-fuelling stop, before departing for the final leg of the journey, and my final flight, to FHSH (St. Helena)

I hope you can join. -Blair


Leg 1- VS ~~ (any), M0.80, FL350
Leg 2- VS ~~ (any), M0.80, FL340


GATES E01, E02, E05, E08, E11. Pick your gates.

I’m taking E01

I wish you a speedy comeback to the IF community!

I won’t be able to join though sorry.

PM me how it went!

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Omg Ahmed!

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h e h e, expected me not to exist on IFC and be CEO? TL2 baby!


Please refer to me as Comrade Pingu.

I suppose I can join you! Sad to see someone do there final flight, EO5 please.

Thanks! See you there.

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Hey @Captain_Johnstone I can’t see you anymore

how did it go…

I crashed after takeoff

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